Client Testimonials

"Hi Jennifer – Just wanted to say a quick thank you for judging at our show last weekend. We got such fabulous feedback about you and your obvious enthusiasm for the sport. Several people came up to me to say how impressed they were with your comments and scoring, and how amazed they were that you took the time to speak to riders after their tests to make recommendations about how they could improve their rides. I don’t know much about dressage judges, but apparently your positivity and enthusiasm is not the norm! And, on a side note, Taylor thoroughly enjoyed being stuck in a car for eight hours with you! Thanks again for being part of the show." – Diana Crawford, President, Kingfisher Park Equestrian -

"I began riding in a regular program with Jennifer in May 2014 with very little dressage experience. My riding skills have vastly improved since then. For example, my horse and I recently completed our qualifying ride that allows us to participate in the regional championships at training level this year under her guidance. Jennifer continually updates and expands her knowledge through clinics, symposiums, and other educational experiences.  She brings this knowledge back to her students in order to enable us to advance rapidly and correctly. Jennifer is friendly, uplifting, attentive, and caring to her students and their horses.  I am looking forward to advancing to the next level with Jennifer as my instructor."
Tammy Poovey, Retired school teacher and Dressage Enthusiast!

"I have worked for Jennifer Flowers Dressage for two years as a working student. I can honestly say that it is an experience that I have never regretted. Under the expertise of Jennifer Flowers, my horse and I have come from being an unconfident hunter combination to a happy, cohesive dressage team! When I first started training with JFD, my horse was skinny and unfit, with weight loss due to a grueling journey from CA to NC. As a thoroughbred, he always had an underlying tension and lack of suppleness. Since we started boarding at Full Circle Farm and training with JF, Apollo became calm, fat and fit. He is gaining more and more confidence and strength with every ride as we train in a challenging, yet positive environment. I have learned more in the past two years about correct riding and classical dressage than I ever could have hoped. I can with all-honesty say that there is no-one more professional, honest, and fun to be around than Jennie, who never has a negative word to say in her teaching. There is also no facility that I would trust more to look after my horse than Full Circle Farm; the footing is always consistent and the care is exceptional. They host lots of clinics with respected and talented clinicians that are always educational and informative, proving that there is always something new to learn. Amazing farm and even better people!"
Charlotte Coggins, Boarder and Working Student, 2013-Present

“Jennifer has helped and continues to help me become the rider I always wanted to be: light and effective with my aids, considerate to my horse, and balanced in the saddle. Better than anyone I’ve ever trained with before, she was able to help me both intuitively “feel” the concepts, while also understanding them intellectually. At the core of her teaching approach, Jennifer teaches her students to ride in response to the horse. She helps students develop the necessary feel to read and respond to what the horse is communicating, rather than mechanically responding to the dictations of an instructor. Jennifer taught me how to achieve the results I did during lessons outside of lessons. Perhaps most importantly, Jennifer helped me bring joy back into my riding. With my last instructor, I had hit a dead-end; feeling frustration and exhaustion. With Jennifer, from day one, I found myself able to relax my body and actually break into a smile in the saddle again. Jennifer showed me that while riding is complex, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and for that, I’ll always thank her." – Jenna C.Student/Training Client

“When I asked Jennie to help me with my gelding, we were really at a crossroads and I was hesitant to make a change. However, since then, every suggestion she has made for him has had positive results. I am extremely happy to see my horse eager to do his job. Each week he gets stronger and his mental and physical development have greatly improved." – Anna BaldwinStudent/Training Client

"I came to Jennifer Flowers with a horse who wouldn't come round, wouldn't go on the bridle and was scared of everything. Now he's starting to figure out contact and using himself. He is fearlessly jumping almost any cross country jump I put in front of him, and is also doing great in the dressage ring! We love what we do now. My riding has also improved a significant amount! I used to ride with a lot of emotion which would just freak my horse out and now Jenny has taught me how to ride without all that. I am also balanced and centered in my riding now because of Jenny's teaching. I feel a lot better about my riding now. Jennifer creates a professional atmosphere yet keeps it relaxed and an enjoyable place to ride and learn. Fun, professional and no drama!! Jennifer continues to advance her own horses which inspires me. That knowledge allows me to always learn more and be at the top of my game. Jennifer Flowers Dressage is the place to be!" – Merina Rodems, Student